Ada Public Library

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World Almanac for Kids: Animals- Amaze your friends with these animal facts.

Sea World/Busch Gardens- Animal information database.

Animal Homes- Come explore where some animals make their home.

E-Species Fact Sheets- Get the facts on over fifty animal species from all over the world.

Smithsonian National Zoo- Meet the animals with photo galleries and live video of the exhibits.

Switcheroo Zoo- Design new animals and learn about real ones.


Trees Are Terrific: Travels With Pierre- This site is best for ages 5-8 and teaches basic information about trees.  The "back" and "next" buttons let you travel through the site as fast or slow as you want.

My First Garden- Learn to grow plants like a champ!

Autumn Leaf Color- Why do plants change color in the fall? Learn how they do it & try a neat experiment with some help from an adult.

Plant Adaptation Up Close- Learn about ways that plants have adapted to survive in unusual conditions. This site features carnivorous, parasitic, and floating water plants as well as others.

The Environment

Environmental Kids Club- You may know Earth is becoming polluted, but do you know what you can do to help?  Find out here!

World Almanac for Kids: Environment- Learn about the dangers Earth is facing and how you can help save the planet.

Eeko World- Learn how you can save the planet with Eeko World's fun videos and games.

Nature Challenge For Kids- Here kids and teens can learn about ways to help save the environment.

Climate Change Kids Site- Learn all about how climate change happens, how it affects the Earth, and what you can do about it!

EEK! Environmental Education for Kids- Explore the site to learn about endangered species, invasive species, the air, recycling, and water.

Kids Save Energy- Games, tips, and facts for kids who want to save energy.

Space & Astronomy

NASA Kids- A fun site to learn about all things space including astronauts, how they get into space, and what they see when they get there.  Check out the projects and games section too!

Amazing Space- This site uses information and photos from the Hubble Telescope to bring you amazing images and interactive ways to learn about space.

Welcome to the Planets- This is a collection of some of NASA's best photos of our solar system.

Odds and Ends

The Yuckiest Site on the Internet- Do you enjoy gross science?  Does it freak out your mom? Learn all about burps, worms, roaches, and more here...then share it with her!

The Exploratorium- This site has amazing activities for all areas of science.

Don't Know Much About...- This site has facts and quizzes about space, mummies, the presidents, and more.